Let’s Give This a Try


First post. No big deal.



First post. No big deal.

So, why I am doing this?  I’m doing this because I always have so many ideas, thoughts, comments, jokes, stories, etc. and I think others might appriciate them. I’m probably only gonna tell a couple of friends about it because…idk…its just what I’m gonna do. It would also be interesting if friends find this page on their own (shoutout to your google skills).

I am writing this while taking a break from school work. I’ve been doing work ALL DAY. The last few weeks of Fall semester are always the worst because of finals, the weather, it gets dark out early, the year is ending/the world is ending, and everyone is just trying to get to Christmas and New Years.

About the “world is ending part”, I just saw the Leo DiCaprio doc “Before the Flood” and yeah the climate is not looking great eh?… Basically humans have indeed altered the course of our planet’s climate through the use of oil, cows farting (lol), chopping trees, and whatnot. So we only have a really small window to backtrack from some of that damage. If we don’t, the ice caps will keep on melting and climates get weird all around the world. Some places will dry up and others will get flooded. Some will get really hot, others really cold.

angel guerrero.jpg

The doc itself was pretty well made cinematography-wise. It had great cameos from Barry O, Elon Musk, the Pope, and some pretty angry indian people. If you have the time for it, def watch it.

Anyways, I’ll probably be posting about business, politics (but like not in the crazy way), maybe some reviews, some hot takes, theories, just whatever is on my mind at the time really.

Disclaimer: The design of this website is not what my ideal aesthetic would be but we’re working on it.

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