2017 TV Shows Recommendations



1st season is out on HBO. It is a really futuristic cerebral show, meaning that there is a lot of information that you need to analyze on your own. It’s a show that you need to pay attention to at all times; if you don’t you’ll miss crucial plots. I think the plot itself is pretty cool. Westworld is a western-themed amusement park where you can go nuts in because all the locals are actually robots. As the season is ending, there are cool plot twist that leave you with more questions that answers.  My grade: 8.8/10.

The Crown:

1st season is out on Netflix. The show can move a little slowly but overall I liked it. Its not a show that will make you want to binge watch it in one sit-in. Took me some weeks to finish it.  The plot of the show is about the early days of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. It has cool cinematography and locations. The actress that plays the Queen has won some awards and so has the show so it is definitely on the radar. I don’t have much interest in the royals but in a way it is historical so I dug it. It is definitely not for everyone. My grade: 8.1/10. 

The Young Pope:  

Just started in January 2017, on HBO. Hard to judge since it just started but it was definitely not what I expected. It has a promising premise: young American pope who is wildcard, but I don’t think the producers will execute it the right way. It seems that they are going for a ridiculous surrealist vibe, but it comes off as annoying. I’m gonna give it one more shot with the next episode, but most likely will not keep up. My prelim grade: 5.9/10

Anticipated Shows

Planet Earth II:

These are the best, no way around it. David Attenborough’s narration is out of this world, and the footage is always incredible. It’s already out across the pond, but it has yet to premiere in America. Not even sure how to watch it honestly, because the other one’s were on DVD. I’m sure the internet will tell me how. Life, uh, finds a way.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Season 12 on FX. Very binge-able show. If you haven’t watched it is like Seinfeld on crack. The gang never fails to entertain.

Abstract: The Art of Design:

Starting on Netflix. Seemed like my cup off tea. Always cool to analyze A E S T H E T I C designs and see how they were conceived. Plus Michael Jordan is in it.

House of Cards:

Season 5 on Netflix. Obviously a dope show. Can’t wait to see what Frank does next (mostly because I have no idea where the show left off).

Game of Thrones:

Season 7 on HBO. It’s pretty early to talk about, but like come on it’s Thrones. Mother of Dragons x Jon Snow x Tyrion Lannister #squadgoals.


Season 2 on Showtime. This is a show that finance oriented people would like. It is a pretty “funny” show but not in a humorous way, if that makes any sense.

Silicon Valley:

Season 4 on HBO. I have to catch up on this show. Really funny.


Ive never seen an episode, but I wish I did. Kinda late now.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Stranger Things:

I watched the first episode. The kids kind of irked me. I had no idea what the show was about. Doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad show, but I passed on it.


I watched the first episode. It was decent and hip-hop oriented (which is dope) but it didn’t grab me. It won awards so some people like it. I passed on it.

This is Us:

I watched some snippets, and it seems VERY emotional. People suffering left and right. I took a hard pass on it.


I watched the first season, and the shows lacked substance. It’s good to maybe have on in the background but definitely not an award winning show. Makes me miss Entourage.





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