My Philosophy

Ever since I was a young boy I was always curious about our place in the universe. I would try to learn and read about “what are we?”.

By doing so I have learned how truly vast the universe we live in is. The size of our own solar system is astounding. In the 1970’s NASA launched a mission to explore our Solar System and the shuttles are just now reaching the outer limits of our system. Unreal.

Here’s a pic:


So back to the main question: What are We? 

My theory is that we are in fact a creation. By “we” I mean all of our observable universe, not just humans. This idea is beyond the beliefs and practices that any of the  current organized religions. Because after all, the concept of religion is human made. By no means, am I denouncing religion or anything like that. Religion has been a pillar of human growth in so many ways. A lot of great utilities in our current society stem from religion and that alone means it has served a good purpose. Has it also created bad habits, human discord, and suffering? Yes, but that is simply human nature.

So this leads to another question: Who created this? and why? 

My theory is that a supreme being did indeed create our universe. Almost like how humans can create a world on the internet or in video games. I think the creator made our universe have certain universal laws (such as gravity, light, matter, etc) and then let it be. So in a way he/she/it programmed the universe.

My current question is does the creator influence our universe, and if so to what extent, or did the creator simply create it and then let it be. If he let it be, is the creation of life simple serendipity?

Now, my belief is that the creator most likely does not have any input on our universe. I think he/she/it merely created it and is letting it run. If the creator DOES have input, he/she/it most likely does not alter matters on the micro level. For example, the creator probably does not control Earth’s weather. Nor does he/she/it control human actions or policies.

Ok so now: Where is this creator?

This is such a tricky one.

My best guess is that the creator resides in a different dimension. I think our current universe will never experience any sort of communication with the creator. I compare this to how my video game character will never get to meet me, nor understand me.


I think that our job as humans is to build a sane, productive, and benign system. A system that tries to do the best at all times, with least repercussions. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking idea, I believe a philosopher already stated this (I think it was Kant)…. I just googled it and its the idea of Utilitarianism.

So in an ideal world, all humans should realize that we are so lucky to even be alive. I think the chances of intelligent life being formed is 1 in a 400 trillion. Therefore, we have to be our best form. This is easier said then done of course, I can barely get the energy to hit the gym.

I think a large portion of humans needs to be informed that we are all related. That in a sense we are all cousins. If you go back even further, we are all cousins with most of the elements found on earth.

We are all nature. We are all the universe.

Gnarly stuff.